Dienstag, 26. August 2008

Life Plus Wellness Fitness AntiAging

LifePlus is seriously an ethical and very fair company estd.1st in 1936 and "networking" since 1996 in Germany. One of the top sellers is the ORIGINAL REAL OPC:

*ABSOLUTELY '1A' Life Plus Wellness Fitness AntiAging*

JoYn our Worldwide Networking Team Earning a Stable/Residual/Perpetual Income from LIFEPLUS Global Referral Marketing. Ever heard of OPC? OPC does NOT mean OtherPeoplesCash ;-) OPC = Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidines = grapeseedextract = ORIGINAL-REAL-OPC = Proanthenols(TM) by LifePlus. Start your own Worldwide Referral Network Marketing Biz from home by joining our U.S.-partnercompany LifePlus International, founded 1992 (roots since 1936) in Arkansas, being named Ethical Enterprise of the Year by SUCCESS Magazine in 1996. You are NOT selling, you just buy for monthly personal use and word-of-mouth recommendation of approx. 60 different innovative products, only.

Life Plus is committed to helping you achieve better health through education and quality pharmaceutical grade products, while providing a system that makes it possible for you to attain prosperity as well. Unique Advantages for Your Benefit - Scientifically formulated products at wholesale - Free Membership and NO annual renewal fee - Toll free 800# enrollment and ordering service - Products shipped direct to customer - NO inventory required - Purchase only what you consume - International distribution and support centers - Low monthly qualifier to receive bonuses - Exotic incentive trips and training - You'll Be in Business for Yourself, But Not By Yourself - The Dynamic KICKSTART Success System - Toll free Fax-On-Demand - Toll free customer service and support - National recruiting and training conference calls - FasTalk voice mail information system - E.L.V.I.S. organization tracking system - Internet marketing techniques and tools - State-of-the-art FREE websites - Compelling audios, videos, brochures - Product catalog in several languages - Multilingual Operators - Life Plus University for leadership development - Monthly Publications: Business Achievers Journal, Health Research Review. MULTILINGUAL BusinessInfo/WebShop at
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